Friday, April 12, 2013

Rite Aid Pencil Deal!

     Homeschooling through a move is not always convenient.  We are doing pretty well, but having our whole house in storage still is a bit tricky.  I had one carry on bag that I stuffed with everything for homeschooling I could...but inevitably, we are always missing something.  For the last week it has been pencils.  We have been passing around the only one still sharp.  So off we went today in the cold and rain, and walked to Rite Aid.  I do not like to go out of necessity for things because it always seems to cost more than I could find them for if I have planned the purchase.  Today, however,  I was pleasantly surprised by the deal I found when I arrived!

A pack of five Paper Mate mechanical pencils for $1.99 with an $1.00 +UP Rewards!

Not a bad deal, mechanical pencils for $.99.  You still have time to pick some up before Sunday when the sale changes.  Also, I asked my cashier to please make it so my +Up Rewards could print at the end of my receipt instead of load to my card.  That way I can see them, touch them and plan with them easier each week!  Happy shopping!  Check back on Monday for new deals!

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