Monday, April 15, 2013

My Rite Aid Deals - Week of 4/14/13

Great day today at Rite Aid.  Out of Pocket (OOP), I only spent $2.25 and $2.02 of that was tax!  Oh, and I left with $7 in +Up Rewards to start off with next week!

I started out with $11 in +Up Rewards from last week.  The breakdown is as follows:

(2) Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent Power Pack:  on sale, 2/$7.  In this weeks Smart Source coupon insert was a coupon for $1 off 1 Arm and Hammer Detergent.  I used two of these.  (I buy three papers each week).  If you purchase 2 A&H Detergents, you receive $3 +Up Rewards (UPR).

(3) Simplify Napkins:  these are $1.00 each and you receive a $1 UPR with the purchase of 3.

(2) Almay One Coat Mascara:  On sale, buy one get one 50% (bogo50%).  They are $7.49 each and in this week's 4/14/13 Smart Source coupon insert is a $4 off one Almay cosmetic purchase, I used 2.  You also receive $3 UPR if you spend $10 on Almay products.

So here it is simply:                $7 + $3 + $11.23 = $21.23 (All products)
                  subtract:                $2 + $8 = $10.00 (all coupons)
                  subtotal:                $11.23
Subtract Last Week's +UPR:  $11.00 = $0.23!   
Then...I received $7 UPR to use next week!  Pretty Awesome!!

If you are starting out with no UPR, you will have to pay the $11.23 OOP this week (the mascara alone makes that worth it), and you will still leave with $7 UPR next week...and then it gets exciting!

Remember to get three newspapers each week and to ask your Rite Aid cashier to change your +Up Rewards so they print on your receipt each time you make a purchase!   Any questions?  Leave a comment or send me an email!

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